What do you need to cover?

Public & Products Liability

Public Liability Insurance is the financial benefit that will be paid to the insured or on behalf of the insured for all sums that become legally liable to be paid by way of compensation in respect of personal injury or property damage that occur during the period of insurance and which are caused by an occurrence within the business of the insured.

Professional Indemnity

Covers your professional liability to compensate others for financial loss arising out of negligent acts, errors or omissions committed (or alleged to have been committed) by you during the conduct of your business.

Management Liability / D & O

Directors & Offices Provides cover for claims against directors and officers for any actual or alleged wrongful acts in the performance of their duties
Statutory Liability Provides cover for investigations, defense and possible penalties that may be awarded for a statutory breach
Employment Liability Cover for claims alleging an employment breach such as discrimination, harassment or wrongful dismissal and more.
Company Liability Provides cover for the Company for the costs and expenses incurred in defending and settling third party claims. Extended to provide cover for Fidelity Loss, Internet Liability and Tax Audit Costs.
Fidelity Provides cover for the Insured against losses incurred thorough dishonesty by employees
Tax Audit Professional Fees charged by your accountant in connection with you being audited or investigated by the Taxation Office

Transport Package/ Truck Insurance

Commercial Motor Downtime Cover Marine Carriers Business Liability

Marine Transit/ Carriers/ Cargo

Loss or damage to property & goods whilst being shipped or in transit either within Australia or during import or export.

Construction Works

Physical loss or damage to materials & equipment whilst being constructed, erected or installed at building or contract/project site.

Builders Warranty

Cover in ACT, SA & WA

Surety Bonds

A viable alternative to bank guarantees, improving the liquidity of your business by freeing up bank lines for working capital.

Trade Credit/ Debtors.

Cover for your outstanding debts in the event of your clients being placed in receivership.

High Risk Liability

Specific & tailored Insurance solutions can be accessed for ‘High Risk’ natured occupations

Motor Trades

Package available for occupations such as but not limited to Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Vehicle Upholstering, Smash Repairers etc.
Cover Sections include;
Full Business Package Sections
Machinery Insurance
Business Liability
Customer Vehicles/ Composite Motor
Commercial Motor

Business Package

Business Insurance protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of conducting business including property damage, legal liability and employee-related risks. Property - Fire and Named Perils - Covering business property against perils of fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, earthquake, storm & tempest, rainwater, water damage, malicious damage, riots & strikes, impact by vehicles or animals. Flood is normally excluded.
Business Interruption - Insures loss of profit or revenue and continuing fixed business expenses following material damage to your insured assets, plus increased working costs incurred to maintain turnover/revenue or continue the business normally.
Burglary / Theft - Theft following forcible and violent entry into your premises Theft of property in the open needs to be specifically requested for cover.
Fidelity Guarantee - Money or goods stolen by employees acting fraudulently or dishonestly.
Glass - Cover for accidental breakage of fixed glass at your premises (whether owned or leased) and can include external signs.
Public and Products Liability - Legal liability to pay compensation (including legal expenses) to others where you have caused injury, death or property damage whilst undertaking your business.
Machinery and Electronic Equipment Breakdown - Cost of internal mechanical, electrical, electronic breakdown to computing/office equipment or control systems.
Stock Deterioration - Loss of Refrigerated foodstuffs due to breakdown of equipment
General Property - Loss or damage to portable property, (e.g laptops, tools of trade), whilst away from your premises.
Money - Loss of money at your premises or whilst in transit to/from the bank.
Income Protection Insurance - Provides weekly and lump sum benefits for accidental death, injury and sickness 24/7.

General Property / Tools Cover

Accidental loss, Damage or Theft of Mobile Tools &/ or Stock

Pleasure Craft/ Boat

Covers the craft itself, accessories and also Third Party Liability (including to and by water skiers).

Cyber Insurance

Provides protection for companies and individuals in relation to breaches of privacy legislation on the internet, data storing etc.

Commercial Motor / Motor Fleet

Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers the cost of damage to your business vehicle including your business car, business van, business truck, business ute etc. and for damage that may be caused to someone else's car or property.

IT Policies

Provides cover for technology errors or omissions, technology media liability and technology public and products liability insurance.

Labour Hire Contractors

If you engage labour hire contractors, your Public Liability generally excludes claims made against you by these contractors. It is important you advise us if this applies to your business.

Personal Accident & Illness

Personal accident and illness insurance provides the insured a financial benefit for loss of income as a result of an accident or illness.

Workers Compensation

For specific states only

Specialty/ Unique Cover Requirements

If you have something that is a little ‘odd’ or ‘different’ to cover or have a special requirement that needs to be added to your existing cover, we will help you find the right cover for whatever you need.

Pollution Liability

Legal liability for unintended gradual long term pollution/contamination causing damage or injury/illness to other people. Includes clean up costs.

Holiday Homes

Covers holiday homes and their contents against fire and other perils including theft and personal liability.

Home & Contents

Insures domestic dwellings and contents against fire and other perils including theft and personal liability.

Domestic Motor

Covers your private motor vehicle and also liability for causing damage to other vehicles or to other person’s property.

Landlords Insurance

Protects residential property owners against damage to their rental dwellings. Can be extended to include damage caused by tenants, loss of rent following damage, rent default by tenants.

Caravan Insurance

Cover the caravan or campervan itself, including contents, accessories and also Third Party Liability. Cover available for permanent on-site or Australia wide.

Motor Bikes & ATV’s

Cover for your motor bike plus accessories and also Third Party Liability.

High Value Homes – Mansions

Mining Liability

Product Recall

Earthmoving / Excavating

Mobile Plant & Equipment/ Machinery

Design & Construction


Office Package

Commercial Vessels /Hull & Liability

Corporate Travel

Motel / Hotel / B & B’s

Domestic & Commercial Strata

Group Personal Accident & Illness

Voluntary Workers


EPS Risks

Demolition & Asbestos

Leisure Liability

Events Liability



Sports Combined Risk Cover

Association Liability

Aviation Incl. Drone Cover

Farm Package

Classic & Prestige Motor Vehicles

Medical Malpractice