About Insurity

The establishment of Insurity really stemmed from my dissatisfaction to a response I received to what I thought was a very valid question,
“How can you expect clients to remain loyal to you as a broker when you are only loyal to the Insurer?”.

From that point on, I was determined to over through everything I had ever been taught about Business Management and the typical portfolio management practices and start fresh with strategic practices that are put in place with the intent to develop a strong sense of Trust, Community & Honesty with my clients.

To understand this from a broker perspective, the ideal “Career Goals” traditionally is that when you eventually have enough business on the books you eventually place all these risks mostly with one or two Insurer/s to which you rarely do much with past the first year. Right or wrong they are often left to roll over each year with little adequate management handling and despite knowing all too well that there is likely another insurer in the market that is more competitive on premium or product wording they often stay where is due to lack of communication.

In turn some Insurers offer brokers rewards such as Golf Days, Christmas Parties, Special Lunches, you name it, anything; all in the name of keeping that business coming in at all costs. But what if we turned to the Insurer instead and said I don’t want your lobster lunches I want results for my clients! I want to understand why in the market you are whatever % higher than the median average cost for the same Insurance? I want Answers and I want benefits for my clients!

Growth shouldn’t be there just for the Brokers benefit, it is a great tool and should be used as a strength of power to hold the Insurers accountable at any opportunity to truly get to the core of exactly what we need to provide for our clients, to obtain a fantastic cover at a competitive premium. Our key focus is to do what we say we will do, we legitimately re-market each policy every year and question your existing insurer when they have exorbitant increases, we find a huge benefit in regular verbal or face to face contact with our clients to maintain a full understanding of our client’s needs and we are aware that every business is different and so we tailor a solution fitted to your needs.

I wanted a business where we work harder to give more power back to our clients, and provide a system for our clients to help them put their trust back into the industry, in us.

Director – Caitlyn Ratcliffe
AR: 1236713